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We're Happy You're Here.

The straightforward idea behind Prevail Boutique is to provide affordable, high-quality vintage to modern pieces for everyday lifestyles. We focus on super savvy one-of-a-kind collections and wearability. 

Our philosophy is simple; help others find their unique style, reduce our environmental impact, provide alternatives for fast fashion, and promote sustainability. 

All About Me

I'm Allison, to simply put it; a retail addict who is passionate about fashion and environmentalism; (go, Greta). Prevail Boutique was founded in 2021 and is sassy, simplistic, and individualistic. We are your destination for truly unique vintage to modern pieces to fit your wardrobe. When curating a collection: I like to approach my buy with affordability, functionality, wearability, quality, and exclusivity.

I have worked in the retail industry for over 20 years, although my bank account would conclude that I've been shopping for well over 30 years. My professional background includes; team management, loss prevention, buying and merchandising, and product development in corporate and small business roles. During the height of the pandemic in 2020, I took a hard look into my life and realized I wasn't happy and needed to realign my compass. Following months-long discussions, I resigned from my job and took a sabbatical for a year. During that time, I started to prevail over my obstacles and achieved a balanced lifestyle with more quality. And, I sought out what is important to me: recycling and up-cycling retail goods, reducing waste, and most importantly, assisting others, especially women, feel their best.





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